Damien Bowen

Date of Birth: 14 May 1984

Place of Birth: Perth, WA.

Club: Queanbeyan.

Coach: Alison O’Riordan.

Discipline(s): Seated Shot Put, Seated Javelin.

Personal Bests: Seated Javelin – 29.84. Seated Shot put – 10.38

What or who got you interested in Athletics?

Wheelchair sports WA

Best and worst thing about Athletics?

Best – Get to compete and train out doors. Competing season is only a few months of the year.


Take us through a typical training session?

Consists of a running warm up and activation on the track (approximately 30 mins). Warm up throws and drills out on the field. Then numerous throws on the field usually taking a further 45 minutes or until exhaustion.


Athletics career goals/aspirations?

Gold and or world record at a major international event – ideally the Paralympics.


Who is/are your idol(s)/hero(es)?

My uncles.


Favourite food/drink/indulgence?

Chocolate and hot chips! Not at the same time....



Playing guitar, updating my playlist, watching movies.


Favourite movies/books and why?

So many, couldn’t bring it down to just one!!!!


Favourite travel destination?

Bejing and India are on a par at the top at the moment....I think London will be a Blast!