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More Officials are really needed!

Athletics depends on its team of officials to make sure it runs within the rules of competition, in a safe manner and for the benefit of the athletes. Sports like soccer, rugby or netball, only need a few officials, but athletics needs many more. At major international championships like the Olympics or Commonwealth Games there are over 200 officials. At a weekly Summer Competition we need anything from 45 to 60 officials/volunteers.

When you look out across the track and see 30 or so officials don’t think “they don’t need my help”. Instead ask “where can I help”.

Athletics ACT is always looking for new officials. There’s a role for everyone.


How to Become an Official

At a Summer Series or High Noon Meet the competition manager will be looking for the services of up many volunteers. Who do you ask? On competition days, a member of the Officials Committee or a member of your clubs committee. During the week call the AACT office and they will take your contact details. A member of the Officials Committee will contact you and discuss what events you would like to “have a go” at. It’s that easy.

The first thing you need to know is you won’t be out there on your own. There is always a team of officials, some very experienced, there to act as officials themselves and to help and guide new, less experienced people.


Is there a pathway of development and training?

Once you make a start … the sky is the limit. Many AACT officials have officiated at Australian, Commonwealth, Olympic and World Championships.

Once you have decided you are interested, AACT has a structured programme including supervised practical work plus seminars and lectures. You can start your grading straight away.

Once you’re a registered AACT Official (which does not take long), you’ll receive everything you need to be an official.


What Roles can I do?

You’d be surprised about the many and varied roles our officials play. Here’s a list of some of the roles filled by Officials …

  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Track
  • Administration
  • Equipment
  • Competition Management


What is expected of an official?

  •             Work as a member of a team
  •             Work under pressure
  •             Have good people skills
  •             Know the rules
  •             Exercise punctuality
  •             Tact and Patience
  •             Alertness
  •             Aware of surroundings
  •             Enjoy the task
  •             Be inconspicuous


Phone:        +61 (02) 6253 4420
Fax:           +61 (02) 6253 4417

ABN:  51 215 120 626